The Law of Divine Oneness: The Secret to the Universal Web

Anthony Basich April 3, 2012 0

law of divine onenessSince there is a lot to study and learn from the 12 Universal Laws, I laid out these series of posts in a specific order to make it easier to learn and absorb the information. Each of the Laws builds off of one another and with each successive Law that you learn, you will understand the 12 Universal Laws as a “whole” a lot better.

So to get the ball rolling, we’re going to tackle the Law of Divine Oneness first. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is the fact that it sets that stage and establishes a sense of oneness and unity of everything that exists in the world, including all of the other Laws of the Universe.

Learning from the Law of Divine Oneness right from the beginning can help you to fully understand that you are linked with everything else in the world and most importantly, with your Higher Power. The best way to discover how this Law can help you on your journey is to go deeper into the principles and teachings of the Law of Divine Oneness.

What is the Law of Divine Oneness?

Let’s start off be getting a basic idea of what the Law of Divine Oneness is all about.

The Law of Divine Oneness, in a nutshell, teaches you that…

Everything in the Universe is intertwined and one; from God to animals to non-living things.

So you might ask,

“How can everything be one when we are clearly separated and individual beings? How can I be part of something I have not yet even seen or felt before?”

The answers to these questions are quite simple but to get a great explanation, it is best to refer to some “real” experts on the subject.

According to renowned Universal Law experts Drs. Norma Milanovich and Shirley McCune, everything in this world is made up of pure energy. This rule applies to both tangible (matter, regardless of state) and intangible (thoughts and emotions) things. This means that literally every single thing that exists in this world is made up of energy, no matter what shape or form.

Milanovich and McCune also point out that energy is constantly fluid, flowing though everything in the Universe. The Law of Divine Oneness establishes that it is that same constant perpetual flow of energy that makes everything one in the same.

The Native American Code

If you are familiar with Native American beliefs of mysticism and Shamanism, you would understand this concept fairly easily. Native Americans have very high regard not only for living beings, but also non-living beings; from the wind to the mountain to the sand.

Native Americans also put a lot of emphasis in the fluidity of all things in life. In a 1994 publication of the Inter-Tribal Times, a Native American Traditional Code of Ethics was released, outlining the many things all Native Americans (and perhaps, everyone else) should take into heart and apply to life and living.

There were 12 points made in the code, with practically all of them giving reference to or rooting from the Law of Divine Oneness.

One rule that really stands out is the sixth rule, which states,

The hurt of one is the hurt of all. The honor of one is the honor of all.

This rule fortifies the principle concept of the Law of Divine Oneness, as it educated the Native Americans (and everyone else) that everything an individual does is reflective and linked to what the whole is about.

I and the Father are One

Another principle that the Law of Divine Oneness clearly explains is the idea that people and God are one. As stated above, God is no exception to the Law of Divine Oneness. However, you have to be a little bit careful in interpreting the Law of Divine Oneness in this aspect.

Many people have misconstrued this rule, thinking that oneness with God means being a God themselves.

This is not at all the right way to think about it.

God is still the Supreme; the Law of Divine Oneness simply establishes that you can always call on and feel God as you are linked by a solid flow of energy. The Law of Divine Oneness does not imply that we, as beings, are equal to God, since we are interlocked; rather, it states that we can be open to God because there is a relative link between us.

The Law of Divine Oneness simply justifies that we have a constant and open connection with God, and that we always have the option to call on Him (and vice-versa).

How to Implement the Law of Divine Oneness

Putting Divine Oneness into Action

So how can you improve your life through the Law of Divine Oneness?

Doing this is very simple.

All you have to do is live life with respect and thought for others. Living life as a lone human being can never be fulfilling. In order to be successful and happy in life, you have to be considerate of everything in the world; both the tangible and the intangible, the living and the non-living.

The Law of Divine Oneness instructs you to be caring for everything that has presence within the Universe. With this as your guiding concept, you not only improve your being, but also the Universe.

Next up: The Law of Vibration…


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