How to Write Wealth Affirmations that Work

Anthony Basich August 25, 2012 1

wealth affirmationsAre you having a hard time focusing your attention on Wealth and Abundance when your financial situation seems hopeless in these trying times?

Do you find mind getting cluttered with negative thoughts about money, wealth and prosperity? Are you still attracting more and more lack and debt into your life?

Well one simple way that you can start to program your mind for attracting wealth and abundance is through Affirmations.

The Power of Affirmations for Wealth

The true power of Affirmations is experienced through a positive message that contains an emotional charge which is then repeated daily on a regular basis.

Over the course of time, the subconscious mind will start accepting and believing this powerful message to be reality. And once your subconscious starts to accept the message as true, it will then help to replace your old self defeating and limiting beliefs with new and powerful beliefs that will empower you.

The Problem with Conventional Affirmations

But there is one caveat to using affirmations: they must be worded correctly or they won’t have any type of positive effect on your subconscious mind.

Let’s take a look at an example of what you should not do when writing and reciting affirmations. Since we are on the topic of Wealth Affirmations, let’s say that your goal is to become a millionaire. Now that’s a great goal and is definitely thinking BIG…

An Example of an Incorrectly Constructed Affirmation

So most people have been taught to craft their affirmations to sound something like this:

I am a millionaire!”

But there are some serious problems with statements like these. They’re just not, and won’t ever be, believable to your subconscious mind.


Well first off because the statement is clearly not true and being stated in the present tense is obviously the first red flag to your subconscious.

It’s saying “but I’m not a millionaire… I’m dead broke!”

Your Conscious Mind isn’t Buying it Either…

And affirmation statements like the one above are so farfetched to your conscious mind that you don’t stand a chance of even convincing yourself that you will even create half a million dollars anytime soon.

So you recite this statement and then a split second later the same old thoughts are going through your mind…

I wish I could afford that new car… oh, and the rent check is going to be late again this month… and I could only pay the minimum on the credit cards again this month because my paycheck wasn’t enough…”

You get the picture…

The Proper Format for Affirmations is Crucial

So trying to feed your subconscious mind certain beliefs that just aren’t believable will only create a conflict with your current programming. And as a result, this will lead to a total system shut-down and will create massive resistance to attaining your goal.

Remember that your subconscious mind does not like conflict and it doesn’t like change either.

Make Your Affirmations Believable, Powerful and Convincing!

So the real key to making your affirmations work is wording them in a specific format that is both believable, powerful and also convincing so that your subconscious will accept the statement as true and not create any resistance.

Now compare the common wealth affirmation example above that created with the following one that I created and tell me which one is more believable and makes you feel better…

I am mountains of money; easily accepting avalanches of abundance into my life as I happily provide priceless value through my business services!”

Now how does that make you feel? Pretty AMAZING if you ask me! And the best part is that your subconscious mind is not going to try to resist either.

But what if you don’t have your own business or money making method? Well then attracting a method to making money could be part of the affirmation as well.

This following affirmation is one that I created for wealth and abundance was crafted in a specific way in order to have a profound impact on your subconscious mind even though you don’t already have a means of creating your wealth.

I am attracting cartloads of cash; easily opening up and accepting the vast opportunities to create wealth and abundance that are presented to me with excitement and profound faith!”

Notice also how both of the affirmations above are worded in such as way that you are not trying to convince yourself that you’re just going to attract wealth and abundance out of thin air.

I specifically worded them in a way that places responsibility on you that what you receive in return will be in return for something that you have given. And what you will give will be value.

Remember that you will never receive anything more than what you give. And that is LAW…

This places you in control of your circumstances and programs your subconscious to be on the lookout for opportunities to make money and attract the wealth and abundance that you are after.

So How Long will it Take?

So how long will it take for your affirmations to take effect on your subconscious? Well that depends on many factors but the main point is to when they become truly believable.

Sometimes it takes longer due to the many years of negative programming that you have had in the past. But then again, if you are truly open and ready to let those old self defeating beliefs go then the process will take effect much more quickly.

With affirmations, the process of getting to your end result usually takes longer than with quicker methods such as hypnosis and subliminal messages.  This is because there is no way to steer clear of the conscious mind and get the messages directly to your subconscious.

Start Affirming Wealth Today!

The great part about affirmations is that they will help you tremendously when using the Law of Attraction. When written correctly, affirmations for wealth can quickly infuse you with positive vibes that will beam out into the Universe and start attracting more of the same back to you.

So take the affirmation examples that I created above and tailor them to your own needs and watch the changes happen in your life!
Be Unstoppable!

P.S. If you put the principles on writing affirmations that I outlined in this post into action, then please post a comment with the results. I would love to hear your success stories!

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  1. Rosaria April 29, 2014 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    I know that affirmations definitely work, especially for creating wealth. I have used affirmations many times in the past to help me attract more money into my life. Great post!

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