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Are you looking for a way to easily and effortlessly increase your brain power?

Changing your beliefs about your ability to learn is the fundamental principle to focus on and there is a way to do this that you might not have ever thought of.

Did Einstein really know what he was thinking?

I think that it was Einstein who was quoted to have said that we use less than 10% of the potential of our brains. I don’t know if this statistic is really true or not, but I would have to think that in reality we don’t use the true potential of our brain power.

If the above statement by Einstein were even remotely close to being true then even the most gifted amongst us would have the potential for an increase in brain power beyond belief. Think about what our world would be like if we were able to boost our mental capacity by just a few percent.

It’s pretty amazing if when you stop and think about it.

Perhaps we are only a fraction of the race we are going to develop into one day, and it is hard to imagine that if we hypothetically only use 10% of our potential brain power now what we would be like and capable of if we used just 20 or even 30 percent.

Let’s take a closer look…

The brain is a vast network of neuro-pathways in which billions of messages are sent and received every second. Because of the brain’s complexity, no two people are the same, and over the course of your life your mind grows and evolves, picking up patterns of thinking which become normal.

Eventually due to repetition, a lot of the daily tasks that you perform become automatic on auto-pilot so we can carry them out almost effortlessly. In the same way we also store patterns of thinking and self beliefs.

Brain Power is only a belief

Like any other task or skill, you progress based on your belief in whether or not you can or can’t do something. Everyone has the same potential to develop their true potential which is limitless.

Brain power is no different. Your ability to learn is based on your belief in whether or not you can or can’t.

Let’s go back to using social proof in order to accomplish something that had previously been deemed impossible. That’s all that it takes is for someone to actually do the impossible thing and then it is accepted and many follow in the leader’s path.

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile he was followed by John Landy only 46 days later. Before Bannister accomplished his amazing feat, the critics claimed this wasn’t humanly possible. After Landy accomplished this feat, many others followed.

So how was this possible?

It was only the belief that it couldn’t be done that was holding anyone back from breaking the four minute mile.
Once a belief is destroyed, the sky is the limit. This should be your first priority in the process to accomplishing any worthwhile achievement.

Destroy a belief and you will destroy the chains that are holding you back and keeping you in your current situation.
How this applies to brain power

Our minds are unique. Every one of us is different, and as we grow and learn new things we all progress at a different rate. Why do some people learn faster than others? Some of it has to do with how we process information and some of it has to do with the belief that we can learn fast or not.

You may have received positive reinforcement during the early stages of your education, say from family and teachers in grade school and then went on to do well overall academically.

Others might have been less fortunate and not received any positive reinforcement, being told that they were “dumb” or couldn’t write a paper if their life depended on it. They may have also not had a great teacher who knew how to teach in different styles according to the needs of the individual. This would result in the child developing the belief that they really don’t have the ability to learn at a rapid pace.

Your brain stores this feedback and your behavior is congruent with this belief. The end result is that you do not meet our true potential.

Your self beliefs and patterns of thinking just become part of your nature. This is essentially what stops you from achieving your full potential. However, there is a way to break these habits and ways of thinking if you are determined to.

Subliminal messages can help increase your brain power

Subliminal audio will help to rewire your mind and change the beliefs that you have about learning. Subliminal audio is a simple way of reprogramming your unconscious mind; by crushing negative self defeating beliefs which hold you back and replacing them with new positive beliefs to help you have confidence in yourself to increase your brain power to its true potential.

Because subliminals target your subconscious mind directly they make changes to your inner beliefs and self outlook and allow you to concentrate on your goals and really believe in yourself. Ultimately rewiring your core personality traits, and without you being conscious of them, the subliminal messages gradually rewire your mind for a better way of thinking.

Subliminals work extremely well for every part of personal development you can possibly imagine. You can even listen to something such as the Genius Potential Subliminal to boost your mental performance.

Imagine if you were free from damaging self beliefs about your ability to learn. Just imagine how much more you would get out of life if you were able to increase your brain power. Although there are other ways such as NLP and Hypnosis, Subliminal audio can be a convenient and easier way to reprogram your mind.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

Be Unstoppable!
Yours in Success,

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